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WildStar PTR client patching

I kid you not!

I’ve been randomly launching my WildStar PTR client (which, had been fully patched), once or twice a week – since the F2P annoucnement was made.

Just now, I fired it up again… and magic started happening!

Magic happening SOON!

Magic happening SOON!


That’s right! The PTS content (or, at least, some of it) has started to show up… fire up those launchers everyone.. we’ve got a PTS to plunder!  (soon).

And, in case you think that’s just my regular launcher.. here’s a shot of both PTS launcher, and regular launcher both open:

See?  Would I Lie to you?!?!

See? Would I Lie to you?!?!

I don’t think this is the final PTS patch, so if you do fire up your launcher now.. be prepared to have to do it again.  With Carbine having already announced that the China beta starts in’s only logical to assume that our Beta will start at the same time (what with it being the same content and all).

I can’t wait to get onto Test Nexus, and see all the Drop 6… err.. “Game Update 1.4” (Sorry Caydiem) goodies..

Dear Carbine… I’m almost out of Boom Boxes on one of my accounts… I can haz more for Beta’ing F2P?


WildStar Forum Update

The WildStar forums continue to be down due to the security exploit found last week.. Today, Carbine has provided an update as to what the exploit may have revealed to whoever used it..

Fear not.. Passwords are safe!

Here’s a full copy/pasta of what Carbine has updated us on, via Reddit:

Hi everyone,

On Friday, July 24, we discovered that the WildStar forum software had been compromised by someone using a software exploit. Once we confirmed this, we immediately pulled the forums down to minimize damage and investigate.

Our teams are analyzing the scope of information that might have been visible, and we believe that it is limited to email and IP addresses related to forum accounts, as well as forum content created by our users (including posts, private messages and profile information). While we cannot confirm any of this information was accessed, we felt it was important to let you know as soon as possible. We can confirm that no passwords or other personal information was visible.

We sincerely apologize for the forum downtime. Our players’ security is of top priority to us. As a result of this intrusion, we are completely rebuilding the WildStar forums and rolling back our forum data to the latest state we feel is secure. We have audited all other NCSOFT West games and forums and found no evidence of compromises.

At this point, no action is required from forum users, however we advise that you are extra vigilant about phishing emails. Carbine and NCSOFT will never ask you for your password or billing information via email.

We are working to have the WildStar forums up again in the next few days. Thank you for bearing with us.

My take?

Yay! for roll-back.. though, I wonder just how far back forum rollback to ‘safe’ date is actually going to end up being.  I also hope they take this chance to try and fix that stupid forum bug that randomly logs people out, even if you’re in the middle of typing a post…

To be safe, even though passwords were not compromised.. it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea (especially if you don’t use two-factor authentication) for everyone to change their passwords.

It’s also very important to note.. that Carbine isn’t saying that any of the information (PMs, posts, profile information) was accessed.. just that their analysis of the flaw says it MIGHT have been exposed.  So, don’t panic! (But, do add two-factor authentication, and change your password, just to be safe).

Patch Notes

The WildStar forums may still be stuck in “oops, we found a  security flaw” limbo… but, Carbine still kicked off a small patch today.  Official notes were clearly not posted on the forums, but instead, over on the WildStar subreddit.

Not a lot of changes, some additional tweaks around the 15 second costume switching cooldown, a slight nerf to Unstable Anomaly, and a raise in the Guild Influence cap to 2.5 million (to address a bug purchasing things that cost 2 million), are the big changes.

Here’s the full notes:


  • Holo Wardrobe
  • Swapping equipped costumes incurs a 15 second cooldown. The Equip button will be disabled during this time.


  • Fixed Malfunctioning Items due to duplicate unique items.




  • Unstable Anomaly
  • Reduced GCD to 0.75s, down from 1.25s. Reduced damage to 10.14*lvl + 32.01% AP + 2.42% AP*tier, down from 11.68*lvl + 36.91% AP + 2.98% AP*tier. Reduced Wound duration to 6s, down from 10s. Reduced T8 Wound to 65%, down from 75%.



  • Players in a group who do not activate any Terminite Eggs on the quest Breaking Eggs will now still be able to complete the challenge Explosive Beginnings.

The Defile

  • The Corrupted Freebots for the Distressing Signals public event no longer cease to spawn.
  • Whitevale
  • Players should no longer get stuck on the Whitevale quest “Report to Palerock Post”.



  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the “Annihilation Averted”, “Cool Running”, “Defy Perspective”, and “Seismic Stomper” achievements from being awarded when completed successfully.
  • Corrected the tooltips for the “Cool Running” achievement to no longer refer to the old achievement requirements.
  • Elemental Pairs


  • Supercell should now always move towards Megalith.

Visceralus and Aileron

  • “Lightning Strikes” now strikes at the target’s location instead of snapping to the ground below the target.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Aileron to cast “Lightning Strikes” on more targets than had Lifekeeper trees available.

Maelstrom Authority

  • AI should no longer break if a player leaves the boss’ platform during Ice Breath.



Walatiki Temple

  • Stalkers will no longer be able to pounce with the Moodie Mask without dropping it.


  • The Guild Influence Cap has been raised to 2.5m in an effort to work around a known issue wherein 2m cost perks (the former cap) were unable to be purchased. Gaining influence over 2m will make these perks purchasable. Please continue purchase if you don’t see this change, as it will be visually fixed with a restart.



  • Drusera’s Gift now awards the proper amount of Tarnished Eldan Gifts for both Exiles and Dominions.



  • The schematic item ‘Hands of Insurrection’ now teaches the correct tailor recipe.

User Interface

Apollo API


  • New method: GetCostumeCooldownTimeRemaining. This function returns a float with how much time is left before the player can equip a new costume. If they are able to equip a costume, this method returns 0.


  • The API Documentation found in Houston’s Help file has been updated to include all function definitions and enums that were added/updated in this drop.


  • New Event:CostumeCooldownComplete. This event fires whenever the cooldown for equipping a new costume ends.


  • DE/FR: The settler hub expansion in Levian Bay should now display an appropriate localized HP icon when purchasing said buff.


Cassidy’s Mis-Adventures: Volume 4

In this episode, Cassidy tackles the introductory dungeon in WildStar – Protogames Academy.

The Academy, oddly enough, is just that.. it’s an introductory instance designed to help teach you how to perform your role in a group (DPS, Tank, Healing).  Level-wise, you unlock the instance at level 10.

In the Academy, you’ll learn about interrupt armor, how/when to interrupt, dodging telegraphs, the importance of situational awareness, and, how to coordinate everything as a group (though, there wasn’t a lot of talking in the group I found via the LFG tool.. I think everyone had already done it on other characters, and so, knew the fights).

I honestly think everyone should run this dungeon at least once (possibly once per role you can perform).. it’s good exposure, and could even help you decide if you want to tank/heal, or DPS as you move into the ‘real’ dungeons, and endgame content.

Plus, running it as a role you don’t normally perform, can help you understand what that role goes through in a dungeon better (i.e., tanking may be harder than you think).

Instead of snarky comments..most of the commentary in this video, is intended to be useful and assist in explaining what’s going on.


Here’s the episode:


As always, any feedback, comments, suggestions, complaints, etc.. are welcomed in the comments here, or on YouTube.

Stat Revamp!

Yesterday, Carbine released their “Deep Dive” (can we have ‘Dev Speaks’ back? it sounds way cooler!) into the upcoming stat revamp that is going to be part of the F2P conversion.

The main reason Carbine has given for this stat revamp, is to help reduce player confusion over the old stats (Moxie, Finesse, Brutality… what do these do?)

Don't be stat dazed!

Confused by the old stats? Don’t worry…Carbine is here to help!

So.. all those old secondary Core stats?  They’re outta here!

Now, instead of multiple secondary Core stats that did different things depending on the class…. we have more multiple secondary stats, without the cool names… but, at least these do the same thing on each class (mostly)!

Here’s the new primary Core stats:

Assault/Support Power

This is given out via Assault or Support Rating and is then converted into Power. Almost all damage in the game scales off of either Assault or Support Power.


Armor determines the player’s base ability to reduce incoming damage of all damage types.


This value determines the amount of damage the player can receive before death.

Shield Max

This value determines amount of damage a player’s shield can absorb (extending health).

For those more interested in PvP, check out the core stats:

PvP Power

This is derived from the PvP Power Rating and is converted into PvP Power or PvP Healing. All damage and healing in PvP combat is scaled by this stat.

PvP Defense

This is derived from the PvP Defense Rating and converted into PvP Defense. All defense in PvP is scaled by this stat.

All of these exist in one form or another currently.. post Drop 6.. they’ll just be there in bigger quantities (since, you’ll no longer be getting AP from Finesse – for example).  So, no changes there (I’d love for them to Combine AP/SP, and just make a passive ability/AMP that converted it to the appropriate one for DPS vs Tank/Healing – So get on that Carbine… okay?).

There are some secondary stats currently in the game, that will remain post Drop 6… and most without any changes..

These stats aren’t changing:

Critical Hit Chance Critical Hit Severity
Armor Pierce Deflect Chance
Deflect Critical Hit Chance Physical Resistance
Technology Resistance Magic Resistance
Cooldown Reduction Focus Cost Reduction

Lifesteal (which as far as I know, is currently only to be able to be increased via AMP points) will now be found on gear.. so keep an eye out for that.


Now.. on to the new, less fun named, secondary stats.  These are all new, and for the most part, there doesn’t seem to be any ‘must have’ stat (with the possible exception of Vigor… I foresee this stat causing some issues in the future).


This stat will directly counter an opponent’s deflect rate just as it would in the Live game. The improvement to function is that if a player’s Strikethrough exceeds their opponent’s Deflect rate, it is then converted into Armor Piercing.

Multi-Hit Chance

This is a new stat for all roles. Each time players deal damage or heal an ally, they have a chance to apply it an additional time. The value of the additional hit is determined by the effect that triggered it multiplied by the Multi-Hit Severity percentage.

Multi-Hit Severity

This is a new stat for all roles. This stat determines the magnitude of Multi-Hits.


This is a new stat for DPS roles. Player damage is increased by this percentage, which is based on the player’s current health. It is optimal at 100% health and as health goes down, so does the bonus.

Critical Mitigation

This stat will directly counter an opponent’s Critical Hit Severity.


This is a new stat for healing classes and it is targeted for end-game players. This will increase outgoing healing, while also increasing the Focus cost of heals.

Glance Chance

This is a new stat for tanks. This stat grants a chance to reduce an incoming damage attack by the percentage defined by Glance Mitigation.

Glance Mitigation

This is a new stat for tanks. Each time players trigger a Glance, the incoming damage is reduced by this percentage.

Reflect Chance

This is a new stat for all roles. Each time players receive damage, they have a chance to deal a percentage of that damage back to the attacker. The damage dealt is determined by the Reflect Damage stat.

Reflect Damage

This is a new stat for all roles. Each time players trigger a Reflect, it deals this percentage of the damage received back to that attacker.

Focus Recovery Rate

The functionality of this stat has changed. Players now recover a percentage of their Focus Pool every second while in combat. This stat can now be attained through gear as a Rating.

Focus Pool

The functionality did not change for Focus Pool. The change is that it is no longer a stat with a set amount. Players can now add to their Focus Pool with gear.

Good additions (IMO, obviously):

Focus Pool, Focus Recovery Rate, Reflect Rate, and Reflect Damage.

These 3 I think will encourage some differences in build/gearing versus the MMO standard “Cookie Cutter” gearing, especially if there is an AMP revamp that provides some bonuses to these.

Mediocre additions:

Strikethrough, and Critical Mitigation.

These two are ‘meh’.. they provide a little benefit for armor piercing, and avoiding crit damage, but I feel a higher Focus recovery rate, will probably be a higher benefit than either of these.

Bad additions:

Vigor, Intensity, Glance Chance, Glance Mitigation, Intensity, Multi-Hit Chance, and Multi-Hit Severity.

I think dropping Glance Chance/Glance Mitigation, and just providing an increased dodge rate would be less confusing than people trying to gear to reduce damage – when avoiding damage is always better.  Multi-Hit seems..odd.. it’s not a chance to hit multi-targets (for example, an attack that hits 3 people having a chance to hit 4 people).. it’s jut a RNG for DoTs to possibly tick an extra time (essentially).  Again, this is something that I think will be outmatched by a higher focus pool/faster focus regen (allowing an extra full attack, as opposed to just a single tick). Vigor seems like a setup for DPS to blame healers for lower damage output (XXX wouldn’t keep me topped off, so I didn’t get my Vigor boost for that fight!), and Intensity seems like a response to try and address Vigor’s design (“Oh man..healers need to be able to heal more, to keep DPS topped off all the time… let’s give them a secondary to make their heals a little stronger!”).  This one it seems would be easier served by giving everyone 1% more DPS/HPS, and calling it done (or, better yet.. leaving those numbers where they currently are)..

Overall, I’m glad to see Carbine addressing what is currently a more confusing than necessary stat system (though, I will miss the stat names).  However, at this point, it feels like we’re exchanging one confusing system, for another confusing system – that just doesn’t have confusing names.  Hopefully, the new stat system will get a good shakedown in the F2P/Drop 6 beta (don’t forget to sign up for the beta here).  I trust Carbine, so I’m hoping that beta also proves my initial reaction to some of these new stats is wrong.. guess we’ll see.

Cassidy’s Mis-Adventures: Volume 3

After successfully thawing out the Northern Wilds.. Cassidy’s voyage to Thayd landed her in Algoroc.  There, she had an unfortunate trans-mat accident… that turned her into a Medic (Okay, really.. I just thought a Medic/Scientist better fit my inspiration of Belle Walker for Cassidy).

After recovering from her sudden career change, Cassidy encountered a poor Freighter Captain’s wife who was looking for assistance in finding her husband.. apparently, he’d gone missing..  Of course, our Heroine was quick to lend her assistance (what else would the Hero of the Exiles do?)… so now, Cassidy is headed for Space… and the ominous Fragment Zero.

Here’s Volume 3 for your enjoyment:


It’s space…what could possibly go wrong for Cassidy?


As always, feedback is welcomed.. tried to shorten this one up as much as possible.  Please let me know in the comments here, or on YouTube what you think!