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Mis-Adventures of Cassidy on Vacation…

Given the upcoming F2P drop, and all the low level changes that are coming with that.. I’m going to temporarily stop the “Mis-Adventures of Cassidy SteelPeaks” video series…  I’ll reboot (look, it’s like Hollywood!) the series post – F2P launch, to help showcase all the changes Carbine has made for that.

Plus.. I’m having fun messing around with the different classes on the Beta it’s possible Ms. SteelPeaks may have another class change coming up..

Cassidy’s Mis-Adventures: Volume 4

In this episode, Cassidy tackles the introductory dungeon in WildStar – Protogames Academy.

The Academy, oddly enough, is just that.. it’s an introductory instance designed to help teach you how to perform your role in a group (DPS, Tank, Healing).  Level-wise, you unlock the instance at level 10.

In the Academy, you’ll learn about interrupt armor, how/when to interrupt, dodging telegraphs, the importance of situational awareness, and, how to coordinate everything as a group (though, there wasn’t a lot of talking in the group I found via the LFG tool.. I think everyone had already done it on other characters, and so, knew the fights).

I honestly think everyone should run this dungeon at least once (possibly once per role you can perform).. it’s good exposure, and could even help you decide if you want to tank/heal, or DPS as you move into the ‘real’ dungeons, and endgame content.

Plus, running it as a role you don’t normally perform, can help you understand what that role goes through in a dungeon better (i.e., tanking may be harder than you think).

Instead of snarky comments..most of the commentary in this video, is intended to be useful and assist in explaining what’s going on.


Here’s the episode:


As always, any feedback, comments, suggestions, complaints, etc.. are welcomed in the comments here, or on YouTube.

Cassidy’s Mis-Adventures: Volume 3

After successfully thawing out the Northern Wilds.. Cassidy’s voyage to Thayd landed her in Algoroc.  There, she had an unfortunate trans-mat accident… that turned her into a Medic (Okay, really.. I just thought a Medic/Scientist better fit my inspiration of Belle Walker for Cassidy).

After recovering from her sudden career change, Cassidy encountered a poor Freighter Captain’s wife who was looking for assistance in finding her husband.. apparently, he’d gone missing..  Of course, our Heroine was quick to lend her assistance (what else would the Hero of the Exiles do?)… so now, Cassidy is headed for Space… and the ominous Fragment Zero.

Here’s Volume 3 for your enjoyment:


It’s space…what could possibly go wrong for Cassidy?


As always, feedback is welcomed.. tried to shorten this one up as much as possible.  Please let me know in the comments here, or on YouTube what you think!

Cassidy’s Mis-Adventures – Volume 1

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, WildStar is going F2P… part of the upcoming changes, is a revamp of the Arkship starting area.  To preserve the current tutorial, and, to have some fun.. I decided to start a new Alt.. and record all her leveling from 0-50 (yes, just like WildStar’s Official Zero to Fifty stream that was sadly cancelled).  To try and make it interesting for other people to watch, since I’m not streaming it live… I’ve decided to post the videos in a style reminiscent of the old “Pop-up Videos” that used to air (way back when MTV and VH1 actually aired…videos).

I did try providing the snark via voice-over..but had issues getting a good volume mix between in-game audio, and my voice-over.  I’ll keep working on it, in case people would rather have the voice-over than the pop-up snark.

Without further ado… Here’s Episode 1 of “Cassidy’s Mis-Adventures”…

In this episode, our heroine is rudely awoken from a deep Cryo-sleep.. all because “Deadeye” Brightland misses his wife…

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See you in Nexus!