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Arenas and BattleGrounds not HardCore enough for you?  Can’t find enough people to challenge in Open World PvP?  Well… How’d you like to take 39 of your closest friends into an Epic PvP match???  That’s a WarPlot… and today’s DevSpeak gives us the low down on how to deliver the beat down!

Also.. the disclaimer about Ganking Pappy is not funny, Frost… not Funny at all!  #TeamPappy!


  • Battle over resource nodes, which power various defenses on your WarPlot
  • Disable your opponents defenses
  • Lay traps to catch the attacking forces in (Furnaces! Land Mines!)


Warplots look intense… I can see them being great  for those guild vs guild grudge matches!

PCGamer Contest

Carbine has teamed with the folks over at PCGamer, and given us the opportunity to help design a weapon, and get some free goodies at the same time.


Head on over to the voting site here.  Initial voting is which classes’ weapon it will be:

Esper Multitool:


Medic Toaster:


Engineer Beer Cannon:


Warrior Tombstone Sword:



There’s no pistols for SpellSlingers (Because, obviously, SpellSlingers are awesome enough they don’t need a gimmick weapon!)…so, vote for the Engineer Beer Cannon… K?


Voting will not only get you the winning weapon… it’ll get you a Monkey for your house.. a WildStar version of the PCGamer Coconut Monkey:


So…go vote!

Get some BOOM

Boom Boxes that is!

As a reward/incentive for hopping into beta (pre-order beta, and open beta) Carbine is offering us Boom Boxes!

Boom Boxes are the WildStar version of the various ‘lottery boxes’ that are present in other games.. the main difference being.. we don’t have to pay to unlock/open them!

The WildStar team has put up an overview of Boom Boxes here.

You can even get a boom box in your boom box!

It comes with it's own DISCO BALL!

It comes with it’s own DISCO BALL!


The WildStar article says no limit… so make sure you’re logging in daily to get your BoomBoxes… you could end up with all kinds of ‘free’ goodies come launch!