Being Cosmic, is Rewarding!

WildStar’s new Loyalty Program, is officially called ‘Cosmic Rewards’ (just…ignore the labeling in the Beta currently..along with that UI… it’s not pretty).

Today, Carbine has given us a better breakdown on what you can earn, how you can earn it, and how past purchases will contribute to your Cosmic-ness!

There will be 6 Tiers of Rewards in the game at launch, but we’re only getting a sneak peak at 3 of them today.

Let’s look at the first tier, first:

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 07.59.15

Tier 1 is the ‘remove F2P restrictions’ tier.. for only 2,000 points you remove all the social restrictions for a free account.  Which, if you wanted to do it in a single purchase, the 4,000 NCoin package will give you 2,300 points (That’s $50, so..roughly the cost of having purchased the game initially).

The ** on the cooldown, and crafting bonuses, is because those stack with the bonuses for the same items granted by having Signature status.  Here’s what the Miner Hat, and Furrelope look like.

At Tier 2, we move from requiring only 1,000 points between levels of the tier, to 1,250 needed (expect this to continue to increase, to make the higher levels of Tier 6 (and beyond) take longer to get to).

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 08.08.06

This tier unlocks extra AH/CX slots, so you can try and Protostar your way to galactic riches…or, just pay for that latest costume change you want..  Off this tier, to me, the most beneficial is the rested XP bonus gaining..that combined with some of the daily login rewards, helps alleviate a little of the ‘alt-unfriendliness’ of WildStar.  Mount Customization image, Badlands Velocirex image.  While cool… the Velocirex will never get my off my hover boards… love being able to zip across the water!

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 08.12.50

And last, but not really last… is Tier 3!  This one gives what is possibly one of the coolest new Dyes in Drop 6, Northern Lights.  No really, it’s cool.. click that link and look at the picture Carbine has used.. They used one of the new metallic costume sets from the cash store, but those really highlight how cool that dye is.

Here are the images for the Costume, Pet: Li’l Beast, and Mount that you can get at this tier. All of which are well done.. who doesn’t want to have their WildStar character look like Fred Flintstone on his way to a meeting of the Loyal Order of Water Buffalo?

Carbine also threw a nice tease in, for a house we’ll be able to earn through Cosmic Points:


Yeah… it’s an Osun House…and it’s pretty cool.

The important part of Cosmic Rewards, is… how do you earn them? Because.. it does no good to see all these rewards dangled in front of you…and no way to get them.  Feat not.. Carbine has unzipped their lips on how many points everything you’ve ever done (or, will do) is worth..

Cosmic points are earned by spending money on WildStar (Duh!).. Specifically, entering a code, making a purchase through the website, buying/redeeming C.R.E.D.D, or spending NCoin.  Fear not.. our subscriptions for the past year, have also been contributing to your upcoming Cosmic balance..

Here’s the full list of store, signature, box, etc.. purchases, and how many Cosmic Points you’re getting:

Store Purchase with NCoin 2 Cosmic Points per NCoin spent
400 NCoin Bundle 200 Cosmic Points
800 NCoin Bundle 420 Cosmic Points
1600 NCoin Bundle 880 Cosmic Points
4000 NCoin Bundle 2300 Cosmic Points
8000 NCoin Bundle 4800 Cosmic Points
WildStar Standard Edition 12000 Cosmic Points
WildStar Deluxe Edition 15000 Cosmic Points
15 Day Game Time Card 1800 Cosmic Points
30 Day Game Time Card 3000 Cosmic Points
60 Day Game Time Card 6000 Cosmic Points
C.R.E.D.D. purchase 4000 Cosmic Points
C.R.E.D.D. redemption 1000 Cosmic Points
Deluxe Upgrade 3000 Cosmic Points
Character Rename (paid) 4000 Cosmic Points
Paid Realm Transfer 4000 Cosmic Points
1-month Signature Plan 3000 Cosmic Points
3-month Signature Plan 9600 Cosmic Points
6-month Signature Plan 20400 Cosmic Points
12-month Signature Plan 45600 Cosmic Points

When it comes to Signature plans.. longer is better.. you get some bonus CP on everything EXCEPT the 1 month plan.. so, I’d suggest taking at least the 3 month plan.

I like the rewards.. I really, really, really hope the UI gets improved immensely from what is currently in Beta.. it’s confusing, and doesn’t look good.  Other than the UI.. I don’t really have any complaints about the Cosmic Rewards program, I think the tiers break down nicely, and provide some cool little ‘thank you’ gifts.

As if this wasn’t enough… Carbine is giving us sometime to digest all this Cosmic information…and then holding an AMA over on Reddit this coming Thursday (that’s..tomorrow) at 1:00pm PDT.

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  1. DarthVoid

    Are the mounts/pets/costumes/houses for every character on the account or for all the characters? Because I love velocirexes but I won’t pay 1 plat per alien velocirexes on the AH.

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