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Features Trailer

With Launch looming closer, Carbine has thrown together a trailer highlight various aspects of the game…Combat, Housing, Customization, PvP…


When it comes to WildStar content, this trailer is like the Spaghetti Sauce… doesn’t matter what it is… it’s in there!

Boom Boxes…part 2!

Apparently, Carbine is getting the “What’s in the Boom Box”? Question…a lot..  They put together a short trailer to show some of the rewards:


Hope I get a Luminous Equivar in one of my Boom Boxes, it looks pretty cool.

Name Reservation is Live

Go Go Go! Get that name!

After a few hiccups (read that as, not being able to keep the page up, people losing names they reserved, people being unable to get into the reservation system) this morning, the reservation page seems to be up and stable.. so GO!


Don’t forget, reserving a name will reserve it across every server, in both regions, until June 17th.  This is true for both Guild Names, and Player names… so get your name while you can!


Raid Drop!

Today’s drop is the information the hardcore of the hardcore have been waiting for…. the Raid Drop!

Time to gather 19, or 39, of your best equipped friends, and go punch a boss in the face!

Stay out of the RED!

Stay out of the RED!


Check out the Dev Speak for more raid-y goodness!


You know things are tough… when they describe the rooms as bosses on their own…Naxx’s Safety Dance has nothing on these raids…

Open Beta Announced!

Carbine has announced the dates for Open Beta… May 8th to May 18th!


You’ll be able to level to 30 for OB…  Here’s a list from the Carbine announcement of some things to do on your way to 30:

  • Farside – You ever want to go to the moon and float around while swinging a massive sword into badass, vicious, people eating extra-terrestrials? Me too. Now you that you’ve hit level 30, travel to Farside and get some space between you and the planet Nexus.
  • Galeras Adventure – Tower defense just became a whole lot more epic. You and four friends are all that stands between an invading force and holding the fort before reinforcements can arrive. The opposing faction is going to throw everything they’ve got against you: Tanks, missile strikes, snipers, stealth assassins, and some hulking military commandos are trying to make your life hell while you are holding for reinforcements… maybe you should return the favor and kick some ass, cupcake!
  • Two New Abilities – Kicking ass is pretty awesome. Now you can kick MORE ass with two new abilities that are unlocked for your class at level 30.
  • New Ability Slot – Hot damn, at level 30 you can unlock the final ability slot! Why don’t you buy a new ability and throw that into your brutality rotation!
  • Tier Points – Power up your abilities to continue to become an even bigger ass kicker. Or don’t. Whatever, that’s cool too.

We get a shiny new trailer for OB too!

Patch up that client…and I’ll see you on Nexus!