D-D-D-Double XP!!! (PTR)

As part of the ongoing CBT/PTR testing of the F2P/Drop 6 content.. Carbine is going to run Wildstar’s first ever Double XP Weekend!

Level up.....with extra quickness!

Level up…..with extra quickness!

Details were posted today, as part of the request for focused testing on the Double XP system.

On the PTR from Friday, August 21 at 2:01AM PDT, until Sunday August 23 at 11:59PM PDT, we’ll be turning on a new double XP bonus feature called “Double XP X-Plosion!”. This is one of a few different recurring events we’re working on that we can turn on and off to provide limited-time bonuses and rewards. The Double XP X-Plosion! event is pretty much what it sounds like: double XP earned from all sources*.

The little * by all sources, is because right now instances don’t count.  This is also only for leveling XP, not crafting or path XP.

I’m curious to see how well the UI displays your XP gaining %, especially if Carbine’s double XP stacks with Rested bonus, as well as the ‘boost’ flasks that are now available on the store (if it all stacks.. someone could do some serious leveling during a Double XP weekend.. possibly all the way to 50, if they don’t mind skipping path content).

Make sure you hop on the PTR this weekend, and test out the Double XP goodness..then, make sure you hit the forums up (here), and provide feedback about your weekend doubling times.  One of the feedback items Carbine is looking for, is what other type of events you’d like to see..so throw those suggestions at them!


And, as long as you’re providing some focused testing feedback, hit these other feedback solicitation threads up too:

Daily Login RewardsService Tokens, and Lockboxes.

If you do leave feedback, please remember to keep it civil.. if you don’t like an item… like, say… lockboxes.. calling the Devs nasty names, and being rude… really isn’t likely to be useful feedback – and won’t result in anything changes (except, possibly, your posting privileges on the forums being removed).  Polite, constructive feedback about what you don’t like, is more likely to be taken into account.


4 thoughts on “D-D-D-Double XP!!! (PTR)

    1. Dan Post author

      I don’t have any right now. If I get my hands on some, I’ll do my best to share the wealth as much as I can. Probably do a giveaway of some sort.

        1. Dan Post author

          Sweet! Jump in, have fun..try and break things! (And, of course, report the things you break!).

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