Patch Notes

The WildStar forums may still be stuck in “oops, we found a  security flaw” limbo… but, Carbine still kicked off a small patch today.  Official notes were clearly not posted on the forums, but instead, over on the WildStar subreddit.

Not a lot of changes, some additional tweaks around the 15 second costume switching cooldown, a slight nerf to Unstable Anomaly, and a raise in the Guild Influence cap to 2.5 million (to address a bug purchasing things that cost 2 million), are the big changes.

Here’s the full notes:


  • Holo Wardrobe
  • Swapping equipped costumes incurs a 15 second cooldown. The Equip button will be disabled during this time.


  • Fixed Malfunctioning Items due to duplicate unique items.




  • Unstable Anomaly
  • Reduced GCD to 0.75s, down from 1.25s. Reduced damage to 10.14*lvl + 32.01% AP + 2.42% AP*tier, down from 11.68*lvl + 36.91% AP + 2.98% AP*tier. Reduced Wound duration to 6s, down from 10s. Reduced T8 Wound to 65%, down from 75%.



  • Players in a group who do not activate any Terminite Eggs on the quest Breaking Eggs will now still be able to complete the challenge Explosive Beginnings.

The Defile

  • The Corrupted Freebots for the Distressing Signals public event no longer cease to spawn.
  • Whitevale
  • Players should no longer get stuck on the Whitevale quest “Report to Palerock Post”.



  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the “Annihilation Averted”, “Cool Running”, “Defy Perspective”, and “Seismic Stomper” achievements from being awarded when completed successfully.
  • Corrected the tooltips for the “Cool Running” achievement to no longer refer to the old achievement requirements.
  • Elemental Pairs


  • Supercell should now always move towards Megalith.

Visceralus and Aileron

  • “Lightning Strikes” now strikes at the target’s location instead of snapping to the ground below the target.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Aileron to cast “Lightning Strikes” on more targets than had Lifekeeper trees available.

Maelstrom Authority

  • AI should no longer break if a player leaves the boss’ platform during Ice Breath.



Walatiki Temple

  • Stalkers will no longer be able to pounce with the Moodie Mask without dropping it.


  • The Guild Influence Cap has been raised to 2.5m in an effort to work around a known issue wherein 2m cost perks (the former cap) were unable to be purchased. Gaining influence over 2m will make these perks purchasable. Please continue purchase if you don’t see this change, as it will be visually fixed with a restart.



  • Drusera’s Gift now awards the proper amount of Tarnished Eldan Gifts for both Exiles and Dominions.



  • The schematic item ‘Hands of Insurrection’ now teaches the correct tailor recipe.

User Interface

Apollo API


  • New method: GetCostumeCooldownTimeRemaining. This function returns a float with how much time is left before the player can equip a new costume. If they are able to equip a costume, this method returns 0.


  • The API Documentation found in Houston’s Help file has been updated to include all function definitions and enums that were added/updated in this drop.


  • New Event:CostumeCooldownComplete. This event fires whenever the cooldown for equipping a new costume ends.


  • DE/FR: The settler hub expansion in Levian Bay should now display an appropriate localized HP icon when purchasing said buff.