Daily Login Reward List

One of the new features coming with Drop 6, is Daily Login Rewards. I took a few minutes tonight, to list out the login reward for all 180 days that are currently available on the PTR.  So, here’s the current breakdown, by day.  Keep in mind, this is Beta.. so it’s possible this list will change by launch:

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 23.56.59

  1. Nexus Survival Kit
  2. Hefty Sack of Service Tokens
  3. Flask of Riches (3HR)
  4. Flask of R&R
  5. Satchel of Omnibits
  6. Flask of the Harvest (3HR)
  7. Flask of the Challenger (3H)
  8. Flask of Advancement (3H)
  9. Housing Decor Bag
  10. Spacefaring Dagun
  11. Common Dye Bag
  12. Sack of Service Tokens
  13. Flask of Riches (3H)
  14. Assorted Runecrafting Bag
  15. Packet of Omnibits
  16. Crafting Vouchers
  17. Plump Purse
  18. Elder Gem Voucher
  19. Crafting Material Bag
  20. Botface
  21. Common Dye Bag
  22. Sack of Service Tokens
  23. Flask of the Harvest (3H)
  24. Assorted Runecrafting Bag
  25. Packet of Omnibits
  26. Crafting Vouchers
  27. Renown Certificate
  28. Elder Gem Voucher
  29. Crafting Material Bag
  30. (Am)Bush
  31. Common Dye Bag
  32. Sack of Service Tokens
  33. Flask of the Challenger(3H)
  34. Assorted Runecrafting Bag
  35. Packet Of Omnibits
  36. Crafting Vouchers
  37. Medal of Glory
  38. Elder Gem Voucher
  39. Crafting Material Bag
  40. Housing Sky: Warm Sunset
  41. Common Dye Bag
  42. Sack of Service Tokens
  43. Flask of Advancement (3H)
  44. Assorted Runecrafting Bag
  45. Packet of Omnibits
  46. Crafting Vouchers
  47. Plump Purse
  48. Elder Gem Voucher
  49. Crafting Material Bag
  50. Female Cassian Welder
  51. Common Dye Bag
  52. Sack of Service Tokens
  53. Housing Decor Bag
  54. Assorted Runecrafting Bag
  55. Packet of Omnibits
  56. Crafting Vouchers
  57. Renown Certificate
  58. Elder Gem Voucher
  59. Crafting Material Bag
  60. Phageform Mount Customization
  61. Common Dye Bag
  62. Sack of Service Tokens
  63. Flask of Riches (3H)
  64. Assorted Runecrafting Bag
  65. Packet of Omnibits
  66. Crafting Vouchers
  67. Medal of Glory
  68. Elder Gem Voucher
  69. Crafting Material Bag
  70. Chompy Disguise Kit
  71. Common Dye Bag
  72. Sack of Service Tokens
  73. Flask of the Harvest (3H)
  74. Assorted Runecrafting Bag
  75. Packet of Omnibits
  76. Crafting Vouchers
  77. Plump Purse
  78. Elder Gem Voucher
  79. Crafting Material Bag
  80. Housing Ground: Drusera’s Dream
  81. Common Dye Bag
  82. Sack of Service Tokens
  83. Flask of the Challenger (3H)
  84. Assorted Runecrafting Bag
  85. Packet of Omnibits
  86. Crafting Vouchers
  87. Renown Certificate
  88. Elder Gem Voucher
  89. Crafting Material Bag
  90. Human Male Welder
  91. Common Dye Bag
  92. Sack of Service Tokens
  93. Flask of Advancement (3H)
  94. Assorted Runecrafting Bag
  95. Packet of Omnibits
  96. Crafting Vouchers
  97. Medal of Glory
  98. Elder Gem Voucher
  99. Crafting Material Bag
  100. Big Red Button
  101. Common Dye Bag
  102. Sack of Service Tokens
  103. Housing Decor Bag
  104. Assorted Runecrafting Bag
  105. Packet of Omnibits
  106. Crafting Vouchers
  107. Plump Purse
  108. Elder Gem Voucher
  109. Crafting Material Bag
  110. Evil Idol
  111. Common Dye Bag
  112. Sack of Service Tokens
  113. Flask of Riches (3H)
  114. Assorted Runecrafting Bag
  115. Packet of Omnibits
  116. Crafting Vouchers
  117. Renown Certificate
  118. Elder Gem Voucher
  119. Crafting Material Bag
  120. Male Cassian Welder
  121. Common Dye Bag
  122. Sack of Service Tokens
  123. Flask of the Harvest (3H)
  124. Assorted Runecrafting Bag
  125. Packet of Omnibits
  126. Crafting Vouchers
  127. Medal of Glory
  128. Elder Gem Voucher
  129. Crafting Material Bag
  130. Sparkling Glitterboot Spray
  131. Common Dye Bag
  132. Sack of Service Tokens
  133. Flask of the Challenger (3H)
  134. Assorted Runecrafting Bag
  135. Packet of Omnibits
  136. Crafting Vouchers
  137. Plump Purse
  138. Elder Gem Voucher
  139. Crafting Material Bag
  140. Cyclops
  141. Common Dye Bag
  142. Sack of Service Tokens
  143. Flask of Advancement (3H)
  144. Assorted Runecrafting Bag
  145. Packet of Omnibits
  146. Crafting Vouchers
  147. Renown Certificate
  148. Elder Gem Voucher
  149. Crafting Material Bag
  150. Title: Logger
  151. Common Dye Bag
  152. Sack of Service Tokens
  153. Housing Decor Bag
  154. Assorted Runecrafting Bag
  155. Packet of Omnibits
  156. Crafting Vouchers
  157. Medal of Glory
  158. Elder Gem Voucher
  159. Crafting Male Bag
  160. Human Female Welder
  161. Common Dye Bag
  162. Sack of Service Tokens
  163. Flask of Riches (3H)
  164. Assorted Runecrafting Bag
  165. Packet of Omnibits
  166. Crafting Vouchers
  167. Plump Purse
  168. Elder Gem Voucher
  169. Crafting Material Bag
  170. Orbiter – Bronze Cargo Ship
  171. Common Dye Bag
  172. Sack of Service Tokens
  173. Flask of the Harvest (3H)
  174. Assorted Runecrafting Bag
  175. Packet of Omnibits
  176. Crafting Vouchers
  177. Renown Certificate
  178. Elder Gem Voucher
  179. Crafting Material Bag
  180. Warpig (Reptillian)


Most of those are self-explanatory.  The Nexus Survival Kit from the Day 1 login reward gave me 5 Salted Steaks, 5 Vendishot Mk V (medkits), and 5 Go Juice (grants swiftness for 10s).

We get mostly consumable items for 9 days, and then the fancy 10 day item – which tends to be a costume, pet, toy, or cool Housing decoration.  Clearly, Carbine thinks we’ll all be doing lots of repairs to our housing plots, since we get 4 different Welders over the 6 months of rewards that are currently in.  😛

I’m sure there will be complaints about the rewards lacking variety… But, I think the way they’re currently setup, does a good job of avoiding ‘power creep’ in the rewards themselves, and Carbine feeling like they need to make each days’ reward just a little bit better than the previous day.  The 18 days we get Service Tokens should also help offset some of the complaints about Service Tokens making the store P2W, since (amongst other things) Service Tokens can be used to re-roll rune slots on your gear.

I’m actually surprised by the frequency of currency rewards for logging in.  I would have expected fewer days where we get one of the new currencies (Omnibits, Service Tokens).  It’ll be interesting to see if the ‘taste’ of the cash shop currencies we get via Daily Logins, will encourage people to buy more…or, keep them from buying some, because they can buy everything they need (except Fortune Coins), just from logging in (and, in the case of Omnibits, playing the game).

Login rewards, are, in my opinion, a good thing though… it’s a small reward, for doing something I was going to do anyway.. and, at least for me, it’s encouragement to login on days I might not normally (say that 18 hour day at work..) I don’t have to spend an hour or two playing to ‘accomplish’ something.. I can log in, and get that day’s reward…and log back out if I want to.  I don’t even have to claim it that day… it’ll sit there granted, but unclaimed, until the next time you log in.

What are your thoughts on the login rewards?

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