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WildStar Winter is Coming!

Today’s WildStar Wednesday from the Carbine crew, teases at big class drops (including official reveal of the last two), more live streams, and… BETA is BACK!


So many of you have been asking when you can see more gameplay, more developers, more more more. A lucky few of you may have stumbled on our little livestream test we ran this past weekend. We’ve got a bit more work to do, but in the next few weeks you should expect to start seeing regular livestreams from the Carbine team. And we won’t just be showing off stuff you’ve already seen: expect to see new content, new classes, new reveals, and lots of WildStar gameplay over the coming months on a regular basis. We’ll chat with the developers YOU want to talk to, play the content YOU want to see, and answer all most of your questions live! Want to get involved? Follow our channel on Twitch and get notified whenever we go live.

For those who miss any live episodes, expect to see previous broadcasts up on Twitch and YouTube the following week to catch up on what you missed.


My favorite little bit of today’s tease (besides that Beta is coming back in December), is the class drop teaser:


From following some of the Carbine team on Twitter.. I know they’ve all been putting in some seriously long days, looks like we’re about to benefit from the fruit of their labor!

Here’s the beta specific chunk of their announcement:


I’m sure most of you skipped down to this part after reading the article’s title. Yes, we’re just about ready to start up the Winter Beta for WildStar. We’ll be inviting tons of people, new and old, to check out the changes to WildStar, give us feedback, and play through the content to make sure we’re ready for launch in Spring 2014.

We’ll be sending out a survey to all of our beta applicants in the next few weeks. Be sure to fill it out as accurately as possible if you want to increase your chances of getting invited. Haven’t applied yet? Now’s your chance if you want to be included in our Winter Beta!


I’m psyched!  WildStar looks good, and I have to believe that the changes they’ve made since they halted beta earlier this year, only made it better.  Guess I’ll find out in December (hopefully!).

Video Week in Review

I had some spare time yesterday, and thought I’d try making a ‘week in review’ type video to talk about some of the news for the various games I’m playing and/or following development of right now.


It’s…painfully obvious it’s my first go at this.  But, I have no shame, so I’m still going to share it with everyone!

If you can make it through the whole thing, please provide some feedback (other than ‘OMG that was bad’), on how you think I can improve.  I already know from editing that when I look down to read my notes, it looks like I’m closing my eyes…so, assuming I do another one..that’s something I’ll work on.


Again, I’d appreciate any constructive feedback you have…. thanks!