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Beta Patch 2: AKA “OMG SHADE’S EVE!!!”

All the hinting teasing Caydiem has been doing on Twitter (like this):

Have finally come to a head… with today’s CBT maintenance.. we get our first real glimpse at the first “holiday” content for WildStar.. Shade’s Eve!

I’m glad to see this hit the PTR for a couple reasons… Carbine has held off on Holiday content since launch, to instead (rightly) focus on fixing things.. so the fact that we’re getting this, means that they think the game is in a good place.  Plus!  If we’re really, really, really, lucky (and, remember..this is just me guessing, nothing official has been said by Carbine)… it means we’ll get Drop 6 before Halloween!

Caydiem would like your Shade’s Eve feedback here.

Here’s the rest of the patch notes, in the even you’re interested in something besides Shade’s Eve  😛



  • Shade’s Eve is online and ready for players to test away! Please leave all feedback in this thread.

Character and Combat

  • On Glance abilities should now proc correctly.
  • Engineer
    • AMP – Rejuvenating Rain has changed to:  When you Glance an attack, restore 21.04*lvl + 32% SP health to self and 2 allies within 5m. Can only occur every 5s.
    • AMP – Defense Protocol now increases Glance Chance and Glance Mitigation by 4% for 8s, changed from 4% Deflect Chance.
    • AMP – Survival Instincts now triggers off of Glance, rather than Deflect.
    • AMP – Quick Restart has changed to:  When you Glance an attack, gain a 37.45*lvl + 57% SP absorb shield for 5s. Can only occur every 10s.
    • AMP – Repeat Business:  Increased Glance Mitigation to 6%, up from 5%.
    • AMP – Razor’s Edge has changed to:  While between 30 and 70 Volatility, increase Glance Mitigation and Multi-Hit Severity by 6%.
    • Feedback
      • Is now usable after Glance, instead of Deflect.
      • T4: Now reduces cooldown on Glance, instead of on Deflect.
    • Bruiserbot:  T4 defense increases Glance Mitigation by 5%, changed from 3.5% Deflect Chance.


  • PathTracker – Fixed an issue where missions would not load in time to be displayed.
  • QuestTracker
    • Fixed an issue where quest objective spells would sometimes throw a lua error.
    • Quest states should now correctly update when players achieve a quest.