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Casual Friday Livestream Recap

Yesterday was Friday… so that means we got our 2nd episode of “WildStar Casual Fridays” (Note.. everyone at Carbine had pants on..clearly, they don’t take casual Friday seriously).

In this week’s LiveStream, CRB_Sunshine (Community Jabbit Wrangler Manager) was joined by Caydiem (Senior Game Designer), and we got our Shade’s Eve overview (and Caydiem did way better on her run through of the event, than I did).  They showcased the vendor goodies, the instance, and answered a bunch of questions.  You can replay the stream here (at some point, it’ll be on the WildStar YouTube channel too).

We found out that the cites, essentially get turned into Giant FabKits with tons of plugs, to allow them to be decorated for holidays.  During the stream, they also gave away 2 CBT keys, 30 days of game time, and a Fancy Pants Jacket…  Now, on to the Qs that they A’d:

Q:  How Long will event last?
A:  On PTR till Tuesday.  Live should be a few weeks.

Q:  Hard to get into a career in game design?
A:  These days the best way to do it, is to make games.

Q:  Ingame store only way to get cool mounts/pets seen in store?
A:  Yes, but some may drop in dungeons, etc..

Q:  Factions, race, or path changes for F2P?
A:  No solid answer, being looked into.

Q:  What level/item level is the instance?
A:  Levels 10-50, scaled to 50 if you’re below.  Roughly Expedition level gear.

Q:  Will Shade’s Silver be deleted at the end of the event?
A:  Not decided yet, might be able to save between years.

Q:  Will we still see event even if transition isn’t completed yet?
A:  Yup.  Shade’s Eve is coming.

Q:  Shade’s Eve event rewards permanent, and usable all year?
A:  Yes.

Q:  Pumpkin hat?
A:  No, Jack Shade, and Angel’s awesome outfits are available though.

Q:  Any account wide mounts/pets coming soon?
A:  No update

Q:  When will we get Shade’s Eve?
A:  Not giving exact dates, but obviously, some time in October.

Q:  Is WildStar coming to STeam?
A:  No Answer

Q:  Safe to assume candy buckets will be non functional after event?
A:  Think they’ll have floaty icons all the time.

Q:  Will the game remain as funny as it was?
A:  That’s the goal, because that’s WildStar!

Q:  Shade’s Eve have yearly items that are exclusive to that year?
A:  Not decided if anything will be taken out, looking to add more.

Q:  How can Shade’s Eve mount flair be obtained?
A:  Drops from the instance.

Q:  Will Shade’s Eve related decor on the housing vendor remain year round?
A:  Only accessible during Shade’s Eve?

Q:  Will we get better notification that new things have arrived on the housing vendor?
A:  Excellent suggestion, go post it on the housing sub forum.

Q:  Why are boost NPCs not visible to everyone on CBT?
A:  Had to be subscribed by August 3rd to have Signature status, to see the boost NPCs.

Q:  Upcoming years, will Holidays be out in the world too?
A:  Depends on what they can do with the time they have.  There are Shade’s Eve discoveries out there.

Q:  Are you hiring?
A:  Yup, visit the site.

Q:  Is instance solo?
A:  No, 1-5 people.

Q:  Queue via content finder?
A:  Want to, no guarauntees it’ll make it.

Q:  Shade’s Eve Plushies?
A:  No, there are not.  Hay mouse that you can get.

Q:  Is the mount with the horns only for Dominion?
A:  Nope, Dreg racer from the store.

Q:  Is there a comprehensive list of rewards that we can view?
A:  Not yet, but people (fan sites) are putting together a list.

Q:  Are you going to show us Thayd
A:  Sure

Q:  Pumpkin lantern in capital cities glows nicely, one for housing does not bug?
A:  Maybe..might not be in the light category, submit bug.

Q:  Game looks good, is it alpha/beta, when is full release?
A:  Live game, but F2P transition is in Closed Beta.

Q:  Can we get falling leaf sky for housing?
A:  Will ask, this one may not be avaialble.

Q:  Mac version?
A:  Not at this time.

Q:  Syringe weapon costume piece for warriors?
A:  We’ll see.

Q:  Will there be open beta?
A:  Giving a lot of keys out, sign up for beta.

Overall, I like the format of these Casual Fridays.. they’re a nice, fairly informal way for us to get some time with a Developer (and, Sunshine doesn’t have to freak that they’re telling us way too much on twitter, since she’s sitting right there to Nerf gun ’em if they say too much).  Because it’s a two person stream, the chemistry between the hosts is much better, and when they banter back and forth it doesn’t feel scripted.

Make sure you jump into beta and test the Shade’s Eve content lots this weekend, it’s going away on Tuesday.