Get Mounted!

You like mounts don’t you?  You’ve got the shiny hover boards from beta, and/or pre-ordering.. you probably bought a Grinder… if you’re really lucky, you got a mount from one of your Boom Boxes (If so, just know that I’m very, very jealous)..


You want a free mount?  Sure you do…who wouldn’t.  Well, Carbine has decided to up the rewards for adding a two-step authenticator to your account… in addition to the existing rewards…Starting July 10th, anyone who adds an authenticator to their account, will get a “RetroBlade” mount added to their account inventory.

It's like a Grinder and a Hoverboard had a baby!

It’s like a Grinder and a Hoverboard had a baby!


Now there is no excuse for not taking that extra step to secure your account…. Head over to the KB article to get the full instructions to add two-step to your account!