Gameplay Video – PvP Healing

Normally, I prefer to just play a DPS role, but, occasionally.. I like to branch out and heal or tank.

Since WildStar gives us multiple action sets…I set one up for healing, and jumped into a random battleground.  It’s a chaotic, insane mess… but, it’s also pretty fun.  I just got a new Nvidia card, so I figured I’d give the ShadowPlay/Gameplay recording aspect of their software a go… the below is unedited (so, no voice over, or commentary, in-game audio only) footage from my first recorded PvP match.

As you can see, there is a lot to keep track off.  It would be nice if the default ‘raid bars’ in WildStar showed if the player was out of range.. there’s a couple times I tried to heal someone who was really low (by using a direct heal), only to find out that they were too far away.


Oh, semi-related note.. if you’re trying to use Nvidia’s GeForce Experience/ShadowPlay to record in WildStar… you need to have WildStar set for full screen – exclusive.. otherwise ShadowPlay won’t trigger.