WildStar Rezzed Video Session

Over the weekend, the WildStar team made an appearance at the Rezzed show over in Birmingham (Rezzed is put on by Eurogamer & Rock Paper Shotgun).  In addition to the game being playable for the folks who were able to attend, some of the Carbine staff presented a Developer Panel (that happened to also be livestreamed).  At the panel, they showed off some more gameplay, talked about the a couple of game systems (healers will have to actually land their heals, for example).. and showed that Developers do cheat at their games!  (ok, so it was in the interests of time for the demo.. still funny watching a single character fly through a 5 person dungeon).

Notable highlights from the Q & A at the end:

  • Windows only focus for now, will look at cross-platform post release (so there’s hope for us Mac users still!)
  • All classes will have more then one role, so you could have multiple people able to help heal (or tank) in a dungeon, they’re hoping this will help avoid some of the long DPS queue times for content that WoW has.

I will say, after seeing the game play, and all the ground based telegraphs… if you’re currently playing a tab-targeting based game (WoW, SWTOR, etc..etc).. you might want to give something like Neverwinter a spin to see how the ‘action combat’ feels compared to tab targeting.